3 Best Carbon Filters For Your Grow Tent


Carbon Filter – Which One Do I Need For My Grow Tent?

A big problem grow tent beginners run into is how they can deal with the strong smell of their growing crops. It’s a common issue.

Everything is finally going well. Your plants no longer dry up or get moldy from too much moisture in the tent. You’ve found the perfect ventilation system. You even figured out how to stay on top of trimming your plants. Your small grow operation is taking off and things feel great.

But, this new success has led to your plants growing and growing. When these plants grow they start to smell very strong. This goes especially for large batches of high plants. The smell can travel and if you live in an apartment building or have nosy neighbors, this can become a real problem. Someone who just so happens to pass by your home could also smell your growing batch, and this could possibly lead to trouble for you.

The best way to deal with the strong odor is by preventing it from getting out of the grow tent at all. But what’s the best way to do this?

The best way we’ve found is with a premium quality carbon filter.


What is a Carbon Filter for a Grow Tent?

A carbon filter is a filter that uses activated carbon to filter out a wide-range of different contaminants, impurities, chemicals, and scents and smells. For our purposes, the scents and smell filtering is most important.

But, the carbon filter will prevent and eliminate any harmful air-borne pathogens from getting inside your grow tent and getting to your precious plants.

Carbon filters are a safe and ultra effective way to control the grow tent or grow room odor while keeping out any bad things from getting in through the exhaust.

A few things you need to consider before purchasing a carbon filter for your grow tent:


  • Your fan’s Cubic Feet Per Minute (CFM). Your fan’s CFM is easy to find on your fan, either on the fan itself or in a manufacturer’s product description. Make sure your filter rating exceeds the fan’s CFM by at least 20-30%.
  • Vacuum the filter before installing and using it to remove excess carbon particles, which are difficult to remove when they get everywhere.
  • Be careful if using an in-line fan with a carbon filter. Most in-line fans are cheap, low-quality, and not powerful enough to be effectively used with a carbon filter. This will result in your higher cost carbon filter having a shorter lifespan and being poorly used.


3 Best Carbon Filters for Your Grow Tent

The upcoming three carbon filters are some of the best carbon filters for grow tents we’ve found out there.

Each one has similar features, such as each one being a four-inch style carbon filter.

We’ve listed the three filters in order of price. However, that doesn’t mean the more-affordable filter is not as good. On the contrary, the lower priced options are great, especially if you’re unsure about carbon filters. The highest price filter on this list simply has more features. But they all do basically the same job, and do that job well: prevent the strong smell of your plants from getting out of your grow tent.


iPower 4-Inch Carbon Filter

The iPower 4-Inch Carbon filter is a great carbon filter whether you’ve ever used a carbon filter or not.

It’s the lowest priced option out of these three carbon filters we look at in this article.

It’s made of Australian virgin charcoal and comes with a pre-filter to allow the prevention of too much dust that can clog the inside.

The iPower filter is a great way to prevent odors from getting out of your grow tent, is easy to install and clean, and also extremely cost effective. It’s easy to see why the iPower filter is one of our top picks.

hresh 4-Inch 701003 Filter

Phresh makes some of the best high-end carbon filters you can buy on the internet. In fact, the third and last carbon filter is manufactured by Phresh too, these filters are that good we have two on the list.

The 701003 4-Inch Carbon Filter is a premium 4-inch filter with a pre-filter included. It comes with the Phresh “Anti-Air Bypass” system. Also made of certified virgin charcoal. The CFM is 200 for the 4-Inch Phresh model here.

To help ensure the quality and freshness of the carbon, the filter comes bagged and sealed by the manufacturer.


Phresh 6-Inch 701005 Carbon Filter

The 701005 Phresh 6-inch filter is one of the best carbon filters you can buy for your grow tent.

Just like the other two, it’s made of certified virgin charcoal, comes with a pre-filter, and just like the other Phresh filter is sealed and bagged with a stamp of the date by the manufacturer.

What sets apart the 701005 6-Inch filter is a few key features:


  • Lighter weight than the other two
  • Longer
  • Lasts for a long time – 2 years at least
  • A whopping 400 CFM

As you can see, the 701005 6-inch Phresh filter is worth the extra money. It’s extra long lifespan alone makes it worthwhile to consider.

High-Quality Carbon Filters Are the Best Way to Keep Strong Odor in Your Grow Tent and Grow Safely

When new growers first begin to smell their new plants strong scent they make the mistake of running out and buying the first filter or filters they see. This results in poor purchases that don’t last very long, and worst case don’t prevent any smells from escaping the grow tent and don’t prevent bugs, mold, and pathogens from getting inside and destroying the growing plants.

This can all be prevented by doing your research and finding the right carbon filter for your grow tents. Instead of getting something that clearly won’t work, invest in your grow tent, your plants, and your grow operation by getting one of these high-quality carbon filters and save yourself the future trouble.

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