Best Stealth Grow Box On The Market For Beginners


Consumer choice is undoubtedly a splendid thing.  As is the internet for product research.  Therefore, it comes as no surprise that there is a crowded market-place out there for indoor stealth grow boxes.  Likewise, a near online avalanche of information to be sourced.

But where do you start in satisfying your all-year round, indoor growing needs if space is a little limited?

This stream-lined guide is designed to help you arrive at the right grow box for you.  Main features are noted for the purposes of this guide.  So, if one takes your fancy, some supplementary drill-down reading will only ever help.

Six market leading grow box brands/products are up for consideration.


Supercloset Superbox

Consistently rated highly by its buyers, there’s not too much to be said for not making a Superbox purchase.

Quite simply, it’s a small but mighty single chamber grow closet that lets you get some excellent growing outcomes.

It’s a well-known, established name with a reputation for both easy set-up and subsequent durability.

In addition, if discretion is your thing (and not everyone always fully appreciates an indoor grower) then the Superbox may be for you. It’s sturdily made and what with a solid lock and carbon filtration, there’s no risk of aromas a-roaming about.  It’s also fire-proof too – it’s that well constructed.

The Superbox sports vital statistics of 30” high by 18” wide and 24” deep.  That’s enough growing space for six plants to bask under the 200-watt compact fluorescent lightbulb (CFL) while also using an internal fan that ensures equal distribution of air for the benefit all the plants in there.

When shut, it could be any regular piece of home furniture, like a fridge or a cabinet. Plus its hygrometer is found on the back, not the front.  So there’s ever more discretion for conscientious grower.

You get a free instructional video with your purchase and if you’re American based and want to buy American, rest easy in that the Superbox comes to you purpose built in the USA.


Yield Machine Max 4 Foot UFO Grow Box

yield machine max grow box for beginners

A relative newbie on the market, this grow box sizes up four feet tall, by 18” wide and 13” deep.  While it’s a fresh-faced entrant, it’s still a great starting point for those getting into indoor growing.

Once delivered, it comes fully assembled so you don’t have that headache to be concerned with as the mail-man fades into the distance.  When it shuts, it’s a super secure snug fit and lets a you keep your privacy with whatever mini-padlock you may have to hand.

It holds a generously sized hydroponic basin and lets your plant friends bask underneath a 150 watt Universal Fibre Optic (UFO) LED grow light (high powered light coupled with low heat.)

The Yield Machine also comes with two solid exhaust fans, a light cover system to prevent leaks and also carbon filtration odour control to prevent giveaway smells.

Everything you need to get growing pretty much straight away is included with your purchase:  tubing, grow cubes, CO2 tablets, net pots, mounting hangers and also a timer for light scheduling.  (Pro-tip:  there’s also a wi-fi option for smart ‘phone control if that’s your kind of gig.)


Colorado Grow Box

This is an excellent hydroponic grow box for beginners that lets your plants benefit from up to 600 watts of light.  There are 2 main sizes to choose from – the 36” high and 48” high.

You’re looking at up to six plants to grow within its confines and each one will bask in a reflective Mylar lining as standard.  That said, the Colorado stealth grow box is completely light proof, ensuring no leak issues and assured discretion.

It’s also serviced with two generous fans, coupled with a high output, silent air pump and also air stone to ensure oxygen is always embracing all of your plants in its 2 ½ gallon reservoir.  When shut, with its lockable door, a combination of excellent sealing and carbon filter attachments ensures that no sneaky smells or noises make their way out.

Other nifty features include an adjustable light for height requirements, a 24- hour light timer a lockable door and supplied nets and Rockwool cubes.

Why travel to Colorado when you can have Colorado come visit you?



Here we’ll look at the Hellogrower 30” grow box.

The height you’ve got already, at 30”, with the rest of its vital stats coming in at 15” wide and 15” deep.  Not the biggest, sure, but it’s ideal to suit the circumstances of some growers where space is a pressing concern.

Straight off the bat, when ordering, you get to choose your lighting:  CFL, 300-watt panel or 130 watt UFO.  As a standard, the box is 100% lined with Mylar to ensure the very best for light output.

Throw in a chunky fan for staying on top of both oxygen intake and exhaust needs, along with solid seals (with shaded rear vents), and you have a reliable grow box to work your magic in.

There’s a timer too – so setting the best light scheduling events is really no problem, even for beginners.

Another great feature of the Hellogrower is that it comes with the cool sounding “Bubble Tub” hydroponic system, using what’s known as a Deep Water Culture.  Translating that into every-day speak, your plants get to benefit from water that is both rich in nutrients and oxygen.  End result?  A fast-growing, rich little blossoming jungle to call your own.

The Hellogrower can be locked, but you will need to find your own lock to do that with.  A very minor down-side on a generally very good piece of kit.

And a nice cherry on the grower’s cake?  The Hellogrower is shipped in discrete brown packaging so no one gets to know about your indoor growing hobby if you don’t want them to.


Grow Box USA

Grow Box USA are not shy about letting the world know how durable their hydroponic products are, lasting up to 20 years (so they say.)  Unsurprisingly made in Wisconsin, USA, this grow box is as good as any out there.

Grow Box USA guarantees each buyer 100% odor control, using their unique “Air Scrubbing System.”  Just the sound of that alone is enticement to make the purchase.

Good size options on the Grow Box USA site too – there’ll be something there that fits your size/accommodation requirements.

When you buy, you also get a range of goodies with your grow box:  meters, nutrients, and test kits.  That way you can be up and running straight away with just water and seeds – sweet.

No problems to report with light seepage or noise – the Grow Box USA is a quiet as a Trappist monk with a sore throat.  So good news on the discretion side of things.

Grow Box USA also pride themselves on their customer care / after sales support. So you’ll get written instructions and a supporting DVD with your grow box.  They also offer a support line (for life no less) for growers that have any queries. Always a nice touch.


Ghost Cabinet

The Ghost is a more cost-effective option compared to some of its rivals.  Pretty much ready to go once out of the box, this is a reliable pick for a grow box.

It’s well constructed with spring-loaded latches (not to be found with most others) and a neoprene weather-seal.  The manufacturers literally purr over the effort that they have put into ensuring the very best sealing experience.

Coupled with its odor filters, this ensures both light and smells aren’t going anywhere fast.

Ghost also ensure that each box they manufacture is individually tested for 100% non-light leakage.

Another welcome feature is that Ghost Cabinet indulge you further by throwing in 6 months worth of MaxiBloom and MaxiGrow nutrients.  Your plant friends will thank you tremendously for that.

For the tech-heads amongst us, there’s a wi-fi control timer option that you can rig up from your ‘phone.  And who amongst us doesn’t like cool gadgets coupled with indoor growing?

The customer service and after-care are noteworthy too.  You can get growing instructions direct from their site if this is all new to you.  But you also get after-sale support with a range of ways to make contact – email, live-chat or text options.

In summary, nothing about the Ghost Cabinet grow box that will spook you out.

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