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When it comes to hydroponic grow kits choice, there’s a shiny ton of products out there along with a veritable tidal wave of information to wade your way through too. That can be especially daunting if you are a first-time buyer or just looking for grow tent kits for beginners wanting to delve into the world of indoor grow systems.

Each of the following write-ups keep the bulk of the narrative positive for all four makes and focuses on features that may be found across that brand’s product spectrum.

Trying to keep a little balance in mind, each write up then closes out with a concluding single-issue downside to mull over.  That’s then followed by a verdict, of sorts, and hopefully lots of grow tent buying ideas rattling around inside your head.

With that in mind, here’s some detail about four of the best grow tent names on the market that are all vying for your attention out there.


Apollo Horticultural Grow Tents

(Shown:  Apollo 48” x 48” x 80”)

First up, and always a winner, there’s price.  Apollo grow tents really are the best grow tents for the money compared to their comparator, good quality rivals, such as those listed in this piece.

Then there’s a particular feature that Apollo like, like really like, and that’s the customer care experience they offer.  Every Apollo purchase comes with a standard 90-day warranty in place.  Apollo prides itself on its customer care approach, accounting in part for their ongoing healthy market presence.

That’s not to say that others don’t have this feature (see Vivosun below).  It’s just that Apollo’s does tend to jump out at you a little bit when you read their promotional literature.

Once ordered, your Apollo complete grow tent package arrives in discreet, under the radar packaging. So, no suggestive comments or knowing looks from those next-door neighbors of yours next time you chat.  Hey, it’s for tomatoes anyway, right?

Ridiculously easy to construct, with no tools needed, an Apollo also comes with an assembly manual if you need a little more help. (There is a catch – see the verdict below.)

With good, sturdy poles, once your tent is up, you’ll have security and stability for your indoor growing arena.  No using the zipper and watching the whole edifice bow and move around like a sapling in a hurricane.

The canvas is your standard, double-stitched 600D thickness.  So, it does the job required of it, with some reporting virtually zero light leakage.

(For those not in the know, the D stands for “Denier” – the unit used to measure fabric thickness. Ahhh, remember it now?  Yes, it doesn’t only apply to tights gentlemen.)

Some other nice to know features.

Apollo grow tents have a resilient, chunky zipper that compliments the sturdy metal frame and its accompanying metal corners (which are easier on the fabric and mean a longer lasting tent.)

There are air vents to be discovered on the back of the Apollo left, right and center.  Those have Velcro covers that can provide the grower with extra ventilation if they wish.

For those need-to-see-inside moments, you get an easy view window to do your peeking with.

Apollo Horticultural grow tent setup video

A downside to an Apollo grow tent?

There are reports out there that the instruction manual is kind of vague and like a Ferrari outpacing the police, not that easy to follow.


You’ve no doubt heard of the Greek god Apollo. Contrary to reports, he did not draft the instruction manual in his native tongue.  Ancient deities aside, an Apollo makes for a good starting point for a new grower and not at an ungodly price too.

Gorilla Grow Tents

(Shown:  Gorilla 4ft x 4ft)

This is one gorilla not to be found in the mist.  It’s a true beast that you can happily introduce to your home without having to worry about the furniture or things getting thrown around.   Not sure that the phrase “this has to be your premier primate inspired go-to grow tent” has been typed too many times before, but not only is it catchy, it’s got a good claim to being true.

The Gorilla comes in three different lines, the Original, the Shorty and the Lite, and then different dimensions within those lines.  So right from the get-go, you’re offered flexibility subject to your own particular growing space needs.

Gorilla have made it a point of highlighting in their marketing just how they are the strongest and sturdiest grow tents on the market, courtesy of thicker than regular, interlocking, steel poles.

The various tales of Gorilla grow tent growers taking the chance to do a pull-up or two on the support bar back this up.  Sturdy steel corners help too.

Unsurprisingly, with that work-out in mind, the black fabric of the Gorilla is equally as buff, racking up over 1600D thickness – close on triple that of the vast majority of its non-simian competitors.

Working down the whistles and bells list, the Gorilla toots and chimes a-plenty more.

The Gorilla complete grow tent package is easy to set up without the need to have an advanced degree in mechanical engineering.

That buff black fabric, with super solid stitching and zippers to match, gives you a light-retaining black-out to revel in, while an ultra-reflective  diamond mylar interior lining ensures that the heat energy stays efficiently within. Your plants will love it.

Another unique, stand-out feature to also keep in mind is the inclusion of an IR blocking insert in the roof of a Gorilla.  For those not in the know, IR stands for Infra-Red.  So, there’s no risk of over-head detection of your particular indoor growing habits.  Whatever they may be.

On top of that, any odors created by your plants also get the same treatment – they stay contained firmly within.  No worries then about those near-by getting overly curious about your growing habits.  And while the odors stay in, the bugs that like to hold demolition parties in amongst your plants, get shut out.

The Gorilla also comes with another bragging right.   A height extension kit allows for the tent to be made taller.  So as your plants grow, your grow tent can too.  Consequently, the Gorilla is also the tallest of grow tents on the market.  Nifty huh?

The Gorilla also offers you a 100% water-proof floor liner and also benefits from spacious easy access windows for great visual access to what’s going on inside your own growing-dedicated biosphere.

Gorilla grow tent setup video

A down-side to a Gorilla grow tent?

A few reports stating that home deliveries arrive in packaging that is less than discrete in terms of advertising what’s contained within.  And if you’re not in for a while and it get’s left on the porch by the delivery people, well maybe the curiosity levels just might keep on growing…


Despite the possible nosey neighbors checking out your FedEx delivery through the net curtains, the Gorilla offers more than most to beat your chest about.  A chunky, ripped and robust beast, well worth a closer look and possible investment.


Vivosun Grow Tents


(Shown:  Vivosun 48” x 24” x 60”)

On to contender number three, the Vivosun grow tent range.

Generally newer on to the market than some of its rival grow tent suppliers, Vivosun have already gained a solid name and reputation.

For starters, and a nice piece of advertising eye-candy, Vivosun offers a two-year warranty on its products.  Yep, you read that right, two years.

Competitor grow tent suppliers simply struggle to match Vivosun in that arena.  Having a reputation of reliability and craftmanship allows this new kid on the block to punch above its weight, despite rookie status.  If durability and reliability are high on your list of priorities, this grow tent needs to be looked at.

Couple that with Vivosun being very price competitive compared to its comparators (Gorilla springs to mind) and that’s a quite an impressive opening gambit for them.

The Vivosun is kitted out with what seems like it should be industry standard features (and beware that isn’t always the case.)  Such as…

Access wise, the door is a no-nonsense, easy to navigate deal.  Alternatively, if you don’t fancy the walk, there’s a great way to view your budding horticultural delights through an easy to see through window with which you can just lift a corner and check out the scenery.

The light inside your Vivosun isn’t going anywhere in a hurry (as light tends to do). The mylar lining reflects just over 98% of light back into the tent so as to really keep things ticking along.

There are Velcro intake covers to be found on the front window and also on the bottom of the tent that are of sound quality.

You get a handy floor tray with your Vivosun complete grow tent package purchase.  This fits well into the bottom of the tent and is easily secured with Velcro straps.  Cuts down on the messier side of indoor growing.

Worth mentioning too that the electrical and duct ports all have a good quality stitching finish to them.  Adds to the over-all quality feel of a Vivosun.

Vivosun Growgrow tent setup video

A down-side to Vivosun grow tents?

The Vivosun does come with a few more buyer reports of being a little more vexing to set-up.  So maybe there is the need for the mechanical engineering expertise after all?  Ok, maybe I exaggerate.  Let’s compromise and say you need it just a teeny-weeny bit?  Still worth it for what you end up getting though.


It was probably a pain to put the Golden Gate bridge together.  But then again, sometimes it worth the trials and tribulations to be able to stand back and take it all in when finished.  The Vivosun deserves its well earned reputation and is a very solid pick.


Topolite Grow Tents

(Shown:  Topolite 24” x 24” x 28”)

The Topolite “Full Range” comes in a range of sizes, from 24” x 24” x 48” through to the more substantial

Compared to rival tents of the same size, it’s a more cost-effective option for you.  Always nice to know.

Not to ape competitor, including the Gorilla, but you also get an easy to construct grow tent.  It’s a completely tool free gig straight from the box.  Definitely something that always helps when your eagerly awaited order arrives and you don’t have to spend five hours in a mix of frenzied judo and tantric yoga just to erect your new grow tent.

Average set up time for a Topolite complete grow tent package?  Just under thirty minutes – quicker if you’re into judo and yoga.

Once built though, take in the many benefits.

There are negligible light leaks to deal with as you get both high-quality fabric and solid double stitching to prevent all but the heaviest of water leaks.

Zippers are a generous size that glide well and make a smooth, seamless seal when shutting the door back up.

You’ll also get a kick from a heavy-duty reflective diamond mylar interior, clocking in at over 97%, helping to keep all your grow tent energy goodness in.

On top of that, the Topolite gives the user the extra feature of a funky green see-through window to see just how good the hydroponic world is doing that day.  That way you get to check out how the plants are doing without bringing their day down with a burst of white light.

The Topolite sports Velcro all around the main window to stay consistent with there being no light leakage to contend with. Nice.

For extras, there are rectangular vents with meshing for improved ventilation and multiple vents that allow for your filter and fan output requirements.

What’s there not to like about that?


A down-side to the Topolite grow tent?

A handful have reported that they have found Topolite fabric to be a touch flimsy, while the frame construction can be a little less than robust.


There are some people out there that don’t like the Beatles or the Rolling Stones.  Like to find fault with everything despite things generally being pretty good.  They probably wouldn’t like any grow tent either. Your Topolite is a good bet for a grow tent.


Summing up:

Indoor gardeners, especially those new to the scene, may find the market-place for grow tents to be a bit of maze.  There are just so many different features, sizes and manufacturers to choose from.

When looking at grow tents, it can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking that it’s just a case of whatever is bought is going to do the job.  Like pretty much anything else, you get what you pay for and knowledge is often-times key to that.  It might seem like a steal at the time, but if you’re angrily trashing the tattered remains of your grow-tent into a dumpster a year after purchase, then the karma’s not gonna be good for a while.

Hopefully worth the read as there’s a lot of grow-tent chatter out there and this has let you focus in on a few of the more prominent voices.

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