Grow Tent vs. Grow Room


Starting your own grow operation can be a daunting but exciting project.

Now more than ever there is information and plenty of products to help start your own grow operation.

There are a TON of choices to make when it comes to starting up your growing. Without a doubt one of the most challenging is where to house your new plants.

As with anything, with more info and products comes another challenge: what is the right way to start?

Should I use this grow tent or that grow tent?

Should I use a grow tent or a grow room?

In this article we are going to look at the last question: what is better for your needs, what makes a grow tent and grow room different, similar, and what’s their specs.

A lot of what you will need comes down to:

  • Space/Infrastructure
  • Location
  • Time
  • Price

First, let’s take a quick look at what a grow tent is and what makes a grow room.

Grow Tents

A grow tent is a portable, usually pre-made structure made of a reflective material and is seal-able to keep in the heat.

Typical materials include nylon, heavy canvas, and polyester. The inner layer is reflective to increase the effectiveness of the lighting inside. Also, some higher-end grow tents have built in lighting.

The sizes range from smaller to very large (practically taking up whole rooms) but most use them for space-effective growing.

The tents are light proof, so the plants lifecycles are not disturbed by any outside light factors or changes.

Grow Rooms

A grow room (sometimes one word, growroom) is a retrofitted room for the sole purpose of indoor growing.

This is taking a room in your home or building, such as a garage or a spare bedroom, and converting it to a grow room.

This requires all the necessary materials, and also other certain factors you will read about soon, such as insulation and space.

Materials you will need for a successful grow room include proper lighting, insulation, polyester or nylon or canvas sheeting, zippers or velcro, and more to keep proper maintenance or for any upgrades.

You will also need a lot more extra space to make a grow room.

Space and Infrastructure: The Most Important Factor

Out of all the factors to consider, I would place your amount of space and the type of infrastructure you’re dealing with as the most important.

Go to the spot you would do the actual growing in. Take inventory of the area. Ask these questions:

Is this enough space for the amount I want to grow?

If you don’t have enough space to grow anything, then a grow room is most likely out of the question.

If you have a small apartment, then a small grow tent is a realistic option for you. But creating a grow room is not going to happen, unless you want to live in the plants (which would probably mess up your yield).

The best case for a creating a grow room is if you have a multi-bedroom apartment or a house with a spare room. You NEED the space to grow. This is essential.

Even with a small apartment, a lot of larger grow tents will be unusable because of the space required.

This bring us to our next, but similar factor to consider: infrastructure.

What do I mean by infrastructure, you might be asking.

Infrastructure in this scenario means how is the actual space you will be growing built.

For example, a garage seems like it would make for a great place to convert to a grow room. However, is it insulated? Are there many windows? Is it close to a neighbor’s property?

You must consider these things for a proper grow room. Otherwise your time and expense and plants will go to waste when you could instead get a grow tent to make your life easier.

The biggest advantage a grow tent has is it allows you to grow plants pretty much anywhere at anytime of the year as long as you are mindful.

The biggest advantage a grow room has is that the yield will almost always be bigger, but requires more space and is more sensitive to the conditions of the room unless the chosen room is very insulated from the outside elements.


How much time do you have to dedicate to your grow operations?

Even with a grow tent you will need to give your plants daily attention. However, the grow tent itself will almost take care of it itself. It’s a low-maintenance investment for your plants. Especially the higher-end grow tents come equipped with most of the things you will need for a proper grow operation.

A grow room on the other hand will need the most time to set up. In most cases you will need to build everything from scratch. Depending on the size of the chosen room, the age and maintenance of the building, and the outside climate, you might be looking at days or weeks of work to properly build your grow room. Also, you will need to research what materials you need, and go out to purchase the materials.

After the initial building, you will need to keep an eye on the health of the equipment too.

Pricing: What’s More Affordable?

Price-wise, it can vary for grow tents and grow rooms.

Grow tents themselves range from a couple hundred dollars to well over 2,000 dollars. In most cases you get what you pay for, but the sweet spot for a space-effective and high-quality grow tent is about 500-800 dollars. Usually this comes with lighting, good insulation, and all the necessaries to start growing right away (aside from the plants of course).

Grow rooms will vary too, mostly depending on the size of your future grow room. Raw materials are often cheap. But any extra work you will need to do to the room itself will be the most expensive, such as more insulation or heating.

There’s also the time-cost. If you work long hours, but work a high-paying job it may be more affordable for you to simply buy a grow tent and not waste your time and energy building a room from scratch.

Other Considerations

For any successful grow operation you should always consider every angle.

Know the laws in your area. If something is legal or illegal, always take extra caution, but never break the law or consult a lawyer if you’re unsure of the legality of something in your area.

Consider your neighborhood or building if you live in an apartment complex.

If your plants have a potent smell, your neighbors may complain. These days there is less danger in growing smelly plants, but it always helps to be mindful of your neighbors and staying on their good sides.

In many ways, this puts grow tents ahead of grow rooms in our book.

Some of the best grow tents are portable and can be easily moved quickly if necessary.

All grows are seal-able, either with zippers or sometimes velcro and are effective at keeping any strong odors inside the tent. Also, the tents can be inconspicuous to any visitors.

Final Thoughts

When starting a new growing operation it can be a challenge to decide between a grow room and a grow tent.

For most people’s situations, we see grow tents as being the right choice nine times out of ten.

Grow rooms are really best for larger operations and experienced growers.

Grow tents are really best for everyone else, and most likely best for you.

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